Well Sealing & Abandonment

Old and abandoned wells are a possible safety hazard for the environment or your health. These wells could potentially contaminate the groundwater that you rely on for drinking water. If a well in not sealed by licensed professionals the risk of contamination is even greater. Old wells covered by concrete or wooden boards are still potential hazards as the cover can decay or debris could enter the well causing contamination to groundwater. Call our licensed professionals to have your well safely sealed. 

Well Sealing Services

There are several reasons why your well may need to be sealed:

  • previous well that was improperly sealed
  • well is contaminated or a threat to groundwater quality
  • well is no longer in use
  • well poses threats to public health and safety

Minnesota state law requires licensed professionals to perform well sealing services. Jadd Seppmann & Sons is certified to safely seal your well according to state rules and regulations.

Our well sealing service includes removal of any debris in the well including old pumping equipment and then filling the well with a safe grout mixture to ensure that the well is properly sealed.

For more information or a free estimate, call our experienced staff at Jadd Seppmann & Sons at 507-625-3400