Water Testing

Minnesota state statue requires that well drillers test newly drilled well to ensure that the water is sanitary and potable for your safe consumption. This initial water test is not valid indefinitely. 

Unsure if your water is still safe? Jadd Seppmann & Sons offers water testing from a certified lab to offer you peace of mind that your water is safe to drink. Our professionals come to your home to take a sample and deliver it to the lab for testing. Reasons for testing your water:

  • Selling your home
  • The taste, smell, or appearance of your water has changed.
  • Your well has a history of bacterial contamination
  • Recurrent gastrointestinal issues within your family or a new infant
  • The well head is flooded.

We test for: 

Total Coliform Bacteria: This bacterium is naturally found in the digestive systems of humans and animals. Coliform is released from the body through solid waste. The total coliform bacteria level is an indicator that your well might be contaminated by human or animal waste. An acceptable level is < 1/100 ml. If the total coliform level is found to be higher than this, a trained professional should chlorinate your well and another sample should be obtained until an acceptable level is obtained. 

Nitrates: Nitrates is a chemical that results from the breakdown of sewage and is another indicator of possible contamination of your drinking water. Nitrates have been found to have possible significant health effects that interfere with the body’s ability to exchange oxygen within the blood. Due to this the state has placed a limit of 10.0mg/L of Nitrates in well water. If your test results exceed this limit you may be recommended to find a new water supply. 

Other possible contaminates: Your water is also tested for other possible contaminates including lead and arsenic, both of which have negative effects on health and neurological development. 

To learn more about water testing visit the Minnesota Dept. of Heath 

Or call Jadd Seppmann & Sons at 507-625-3400