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Compliance Inspections

When selling a property or obtaining a building permit, a compliance inspection is sometimes required; check with your county office to request local requirements. Jadd Seppmann & Sons is licensed to complete a compliance inspection on all types of septic systems, residential and commercial. During a compliance inspection, we research soil boring logs and installation records. Then we complete an on-site inspection. This process is conducted to determine if the septic treatment system is compliant or non-compliant. Our staff is licensed to inspect all types of septic treatment systems including standard trench system, at-grade, mound or an aerobic system. 

When a septic treatment system passes the installation portion of the inspection, the next step in the process is to pump and inspect the septic tank. This inspection includes evaluating the condition of the tank, cover and baffles. 

Upon completion, our experienced professionals issue a Certificate of Compliance or Notice of Non-compliance. We send a copy of the compliance to the local county government office and to the property owner. 

Licensed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as Installer, Maintainer, Service Provider, Designer, Advanced Designer, Inspector and Advanced Inspector. 

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