Maintenance & Pumping

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Cleaning Septic Tank:

Jadd Seppmann & Sons recommends cleaning your septic tank every two years to remove the solids. This pumping maintains a clean flow of water into the drain field or mound. 

We do not recommend flushing any feminine hygiene products, condoms, or disposable diapers down the toilet. These types of products do not decompose in the septic tank and should be tossed in the garbage. 

Traffic on Septic Treatment Area or Mound:

To prevent soil compaction Jadd Seppmann & Sons does not recommend driving anything larger than a small mower or mowing tractor over the drain field or mound area. This will prevent compaction of soil, which could damage your system. 

Septic System Additives:

We do not recommend using any type of additive in your septic tank or drain field septic treatment system. Using these products could cause damage and actually reduce the life of your system.

Household Projects:

We recommend limiting the use of bleach and other strong cleaning chemicals used in the house. These products have the potential to kill the helpful bacteria in the septic tank and cause harm to the drain field treatment system. 


Do not dispose of medications in the toilet. Strong antibiotics can cause damage to the septic treatment system. Most cancer related drugs will destroy septic systems. If someone in the household is using cancer related medications and/or strong antibiotics you should pump all water used. 


If your alarm is ringing and you have a holding tank call or email us to schedule a pumping. If you have another type of septic treatment system and the alarm is going off, it means something is not working properly. Call to schedule a service call.


To order service:

Complete the information below or contact Jadd Seppmann & Sons at 507-625-3400 for cleaning your septic tank every two years.

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